Need a responsibly made hoodie or sweater to throw over your ethical tee or yoga crop top, but you’re on a strict budget and finding it hard to locate one? Considered searching for a second hand one but not interested in going thrift shopping to get it or investing precious time to the cause? That’s quite alright, we understand that shopping preloved or thrift can be a pain for some and quite the time investment for others, even if at the end of the treasure hunt, you can score yourself a bargain.

So here is a list of ethical and affordable hoodies and sweaters that we’ve curated just for you; whether you’re looking for one to wear to the gym or a long-haul flight, we hope this post helps narrow your search!

Absolutely Bear also believes in ‘giving back’, donating 10 percent of its profits to two charity partners: BECOME, the charity for children in care; and wildlife conservation organisation, The Born Free Foundation.

“We believe in more than just the traditional definition of ethical fashion, because for us it’s about more than just producing sustainable clothing in an ethical way, it’s about giving back to the wider community in which we live and trying to have a positive impact on the world by improving the lives of vulnerable people and animals.” – Absolutely Bear website

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Australian sustainable clothing brand Fairtees produces a range of wardrobe basics, including hoodies and jumpers for both men and women in basic and muted colours. Its garments are manufactured ethically in Bangladesh, China and Portugal factories which are audited annually by the Fair Wear Foundation. The garments are made of eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, Lenzing Tencel® and Lenzing Modal®, which are all sustainably sourced. Love supporting small indie brands? Then make sure to get behind this small Aussie business!

“We’re a small, down to earth business run by young Australians who want to help other Australians find fashionable, great quality organic and fair trade clothing, and we’ve been operating since 2013. In a country with hardly any ethical clothing choices, we want to spread a new wave of good fashion. We want to operate as a sustainable business that is conscious of the environment, and takes responsibility for minimising our impact. We think this is the future of good business!” – Fairtees website

One of the undisputed darlings of the sustainable fashion industry, US-made and US-owned Reformation responsibly manufactures its collections in Los Angeles using eco-friendly fabrics that have minimal impact on the environment. Materials such as Modal, recycled cotton and recycled polyester sourced from textile waste are most commonly found in its hoodies and sweatshirts. A certified B-Corp, the business also meets rigorous environmental, social and transparency standards.

“We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. We invest in green building infrastructure to minimize our waste, water, and energy footprints. By providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth, we also invest in the people who make this revolution possible.” – Reformation website

The brand also has a cult following consisting of ethical fashion advocates and mainstream consumers alike. Its focus on trendy, fashion-forward feminine designs, use of stunning product photography and sustainability practices has catapulted Reformation to a level that many sustainable labels can only dream. The hoodies and sweatshirts follow along similar lines: stunningly hot and stunningly shot. Each style comes in a variety of basic and eye-catching colours.

Rapanui Clothing is a UK brand with impressive sustainability practices; its garments incorporate Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton that has been processed in a facility that is powered by clean energy, and follows strict social and environmental standards and is also SA8000 certified. The brand is also helping to solve the problem of waste by embracing circular fashion and allowing customers to return old clothing in exchange for store credit.

“Fashion is like no other medium, in that you literally dress yourself in what you believe in. Rapanui gives people a choice to vote with their wallet for ethical fashion. We want to use the power of fashion to make eco cool, and design traceable, transparent products that let you shop quickly with a conscience.” – Mart Drake-Knight, Rapanui designer

Rapanui’s range of classic hoodies are perfect for customers that want a warm, comfortable organic hoodie to protect them from cold winds – and all for a reasonable price. We love that they offer a chance for customers to buy clothing bundles at discounted bulk prices. Makes their affordable organic clothing even more affordable!

Australia’s most recognisable ethical apparel brand, Etiko manufactures a range of street style clothing including unisex hoodies for both men and women that come in basic block colours and classic styles. Its garments are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton and produced in Fair-Trade certified factories. The brand has received many awards and accolades for its supply chain transparency and championing social and environmental causes such as worker empowerment, fair wages, and organic farming. The business has also been featured in many media publications such as the Herald Sun and the Australian Financial Review.

“Over the last 10 years, our pioneering company has set the bar for upholding and campaigning for human rights of those working in traditionally exploitative industry supply chains while achieving business success… a decade of sales of Etiko’s products have supported the human and labour rights of cotton growers and rubber tappers, workers in apparel, sports ball and shoe production, and their families and communities in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.” – Etiko website

“We source 100% organic cotton: only and always. We seek out Fair Trade Certified™ factories. We use eco-friendly materials and practices everywhere humanly possible, and we don’t stop there. We endlessly search for ways to keep improving because comfort should never come at the cost of other people or the planet.”

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Disclosure: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account all ethical criteria that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. You can also check out online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings here. This list also contains affiliate links. For more information, click here.

Jennifer Nini is a writer, activist and the founding editor of Eco Warrior Princess. In 2010, after studying Fashion Business, she launched Eco Warrior Princess to explore her interests in fashion, politics, social justice and sustainability. Jennifer is also the founder of The Social Copywriter, a digital agency harnessing the power of copywriting and content marketing to help mindful businesses reach more people. When she's not perfecting a sentence or coaching business clients, you will find her at her certified organic farm reconnecting with nature.

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