Quint Power line has added a single-device, conformally coated solution, Quint 20+, which meet functional safety requirements up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL 3), according to IEC 61508, and has a an integrated decoupling MOSFET and double over-voltage protection circuitry to meet rigorous SIL 3 safety regulations without needing external redundancy.

Quint 20+ has ATEX, IECEx and Class I, Div 2 approvals, so it can mounted in potentially explosive Zone 2 settings. Its safety function limits output voltage to 30 V DC, and switches off within 20 milliseconds if higher. Safe state is no output voltage. Designed with double over-voltage circuitry, Quint 20+ power also has a hardware fault tolerance (HFT) of 1.

Rhino DC power supplies have added an economical PSV Value DIN-rail series and universal battery control modules, which provide uninterruptible 24 VDC bus voltage and offer battery protection for over-voltage, deep discharge, short circuit and reverse connections. Alarm outputs indicate input, output and battery conditions..

5V Rhino DC supplies are available in 15 and 25 W ratings with 12V supplies at 48 W. 24 VDC Rhinos are available in 30, 50, 100, 120, 240 and 480 W; and 48 V supplies are rated up to 120 W. Housed in ultra-compact plastic, 15 to 100 W models are efficiency rated up to 89.0%, full-power operating temperature range of -10 °C to 55 °C and are NEC Class 2/limited power source (LPS) certified. 120 to 480 W Rhinos have metal housings, provide full power at -10 °C to 50 °C, and efficiencies up to 88.0%. They have a built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads.

Asterion AC power sources have added Asterion 4503 that delivers AC and DC output power up to 4,500 VA or 4,500 W, and Asterion 6003 that delivered up to 6,000 VA or 6,000 W. Both intelligent, modular units have an intuitive touchscreen interface, come in a 4U chassis, and can supply single- or three-phase output power. Asterion offers AC and DC output voltage ranges up to 400 Vac and 500 Vdc, while load and line regulation are ±0.025% and ±0.015%, respectively.

They also feature iX2 current-doubling technology that increases available output current up to two times the rated output current as output voltage decreases from maximum value to one half maximum value. This allows Asterion to maintain maximum power through the widest range of voltages.

Asterion comes with standard LXI LAN, USB, and RS-232 interfaces. An optional GPIB interface is also available. Intuitive Virtual Panels control GUI software comes bundled with the instrument for easy remote control from a computer. Included drivers let users quickly integrate the unit into ATE systems.

Asterion also features auto-paralleling and clock/lock. With autoparalleling, users can combine up to six units to achieve 36 kVA of output power. One unit becomes the master, while the rest serve as auxiliary units. Clock/lock lets users easily configure multi-phase systems, such as split-phase, three-phase, or even higher phase count systems.

CP Series 20 A at 24 V power supplies have added two new models, CP20.241-R2 and CP20.241-R1 redundant power supplies with built in MOSFET isolation that eliminates the need for added diodes or other decoupling devices in 1+1 and n+1 redundant systems. They're 48 mm wide to reduce mounting space needed in control enclosures, and have a high energy efficiency rating up to 95.6%. CP20s reduce energy consumption, power losses, and heat generation, extending their service lifetime and those of surrounding devices. CP20.241-R2 has removable plug connectors that allow unit replacement during operations. CP20.241-R1 has spring-clamp terminals for high-vibration applications. They also have global approvals including UL/cUL andCE as well as ATEX/IECEx for hazardous area locations. Class I Div 2 for hazardous area locations is planned.

Genesys 1U full-rack, 1.7 kW AC/DC programmable power supplies provides 10 models, ranging from 10V-170A to 600V-2.8A.

Built into a lightweight 1U high, 19-in. (483-mm) wide rack-mountable chassis, Genesys offers five embedded front-panel setup menus that include digital communication, protective functions, operating configuration, system configuration and system triggering. These menus offer user-selectable functions including internal resistance simulation and slew-rate control of output voltage/current, and have the capability to generate, store, recall and activate up to four on-board arbitrary waveform profiles.

All models can operate in constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV) and constant-power (CP) limit. and have conversion efficiencies up to 90%. Operation from a wide-range single-phase AC input (85 VAC to 265 VAC) is standard along with built-in power factor correction (0.99 typical) and cooling fan speed control (for reduced audible noise and extended life).

Standard safety features include user-selectable safe-start/auto restart and last setting memory, along with other built-in protective functions (OVP, UVL, UVP, fold-CV, fold-CC, OCL and OTP) and up to four units can be connected in parallel with an auto-configuring advanced parallel system that provides dynamic response and output voltage ripple/noise characteristics comparable with that of a single unit.

All model functions can be programmed locally via the menu-driven front panel display, or remotely using software instrument drivers with any one of the three built-in standard digital interfaces (LAN (LXI 1.5), USB (2.0) and RS-232/RS-485). Other programming interfaces include the built-in standard isolated analog program/monitor/control interface and the optional IEEE (IEEE 488.2) digital interface.

S8VK-X power supplies range from 30 W to 480 W, and provide real-time service life information that can be monitored from a central location, such as tracking the power supply for better replacement scheduling. S8VK-X has a five-year warranty, while its EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP capability let users to monitor their power supplies without physically inspect the panel. Local display options are available to show settings in S8VK-X without needing a tester.

K-System Power Rail ensures easy, flexible mounting and power distribution without labor-intensive, point-to-point wiring. It ensures the reliable supply of power to modules, and since no separate wiring is required, it also reduces installation costs. K-System transmits a collective error messages in the event of faults, which are detected by the interface module, and outputted via the volt-free contact of the power feed module. Power is supplied via a power feed module that provides 24 V DC (maximum 4 A) to as many as 80 devices.

2042 Series pluggable relay and solid-state relay modules for TopJob S terminal blocks are reported to be the only pluggable relay and optocoupler solution on the market. They mount directly into existing terminal blocks, and are compatible with TopJob S marking and jumper systems. With a wide input voltage range allows for global usage of 16.8 V to 253 V, 2042 Series has EN 50121-3-2 approvals for use in non-shielded areas and EN 61373 (1A, 1B) for use in railway applications. Their wide input voltage also allows for global use and provides application flexibility.

Touch-safe linear, regulated, mini encapsulated power supplies with output voltages from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc output voltages and up to 15 W output power with up to to 71°C ambient operating temperature. These mini-modules offer extremely low ripple (1mV RMS), precise load and line regulation, temperature stability and can be mounted in an area only 3.5 x 2.5 in. Terminal block I/O connections eliminate the need for sockets or soldering and are touch-safe. Standard features include short circuit protection, encapsulated construction, and conservative design to assure long term reliability. All models are UL60950, UL508 and CE recognized/listed components. Options include 24 Vac, 100 Vac, and 230 Vac inputs; DC ON LED indicator, output voltage adjustment of ±2% and DIN rail and wall mount adaptors.

BIC0073, BIC0074, BIC0075 and BIC0076 inductive coupler transmit high-level electrical power, up to 120 W, 5 A at 24 VDC, from their base unit to a remote unit across an air gap, which makes them ideal for non-contact, high-power transmission applications. They require no maintenance, have LED visualization of operating status, and eliminate the need for mechanical slip rings, which are prone to needing maintenance. Their IP67 rating lets them withstand harsh environments, including oil and water, while internal temperature monitoring keeps them from overheating.

PSL and PSC series NEC Class 2, ultra-compact power supplies are designed to reduce height or width footprints, while maintaining reliability along with fire and shock protection features. PSL and PSC are available in 10 to 100 W, 24 Vdc output options that come with standard finger safe terminals and are capable of up to 89% percent efficiency. PSL also includes IEC Class II double-insulation that eliminates the need for an electrical earth connection, saving wiring time without sacrificing safety. PSC offers a cold start temperature of -40 °C.

TG200 Trunkguard fieldbus device couplers enable implementation of fieldbuses by connecting multiple devices to a main trunk. They're available with four, eight or 10 fieldbus spurs, and can handle four to 20 fieldbus devices in Foundation fieldbus and Profibus PA networks. TG200 uses a fold-back technique to disconnect a shorted instrument from the fieldbus segment, preventing complete segment failure. This fold-back method uses a logic circuit on each spur, which detects a short in an instrument, disconnects that spur from the segment, and illuminates an LED that can be seen by maintenance personnel.

TG200 can be DIN-rail mounted or enclosed in IP66-rated, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) or stainless steel enclosures. Up to 32 fieldbus devices can be accommodated by one segment. It also has ATEX/FM approvals for use in Zone 2 and Div 2 hazardous areas. Other models are available for other hazardous area classifications or other protection concepts.

TG200 also has a patented Automatic Segment Termination feature that eliminates problems caused by over- or under-termination by automatically activating when the device coupler determines it's the last fieldbus junction device in the segment. If a TG200 is disconnected from a segment accidentally or for maintenance, Automatic Segment Termination also detects the change, and terminates the segment at the proper coupler.

Mico Pro intelligent current monitor has a modular design that lets users build systems to suit specific applications. Its patented tripping process ensures optimum availability as it monitors both load and control currents, identifies critical moments, and signals limits and switches defective channels off as late and as safely as possible. Mico Pro also has new 5A and 10A switch-mode power supplies that can be integrated directly, and create more space inside control cabinets. They feature a general alarm message, 90% early warning signal and a control signal for remote maintenance. Using two in parallel mode can supply up to 20 A. Many Mico Pros have NEC Class 2 certification, and can monitor current up to 4A. This enables many NEC Class 2 load circuits to be integrated with a switch-mode power supply.

24kv Lightning Arrester

Compact series single-phase, 20 A, 24 VDC, DIN rail-mountable power supply covers many global voltage input requirements. It's >93% efficient, has an aluminum housing, and is only 56 mm (2.205 in.) wide to save panel space. This UL 508 listed unit provides 30 amps for 5 seconds during over current situations, and employs internal output overload, short circuit protection as well as output relay alarm for under voltage situations. Compact series 20 A has an MTBF of 19.1 years.

Pro 2 Series includes six power supplies ranging from 120 W to 960 W, and provides up to 96% energy conversion efficiency. This allows easy fieldbus connection via snap-on communication modules, and have an interface that can be tailored to any application. Pro 2's other features include combined high-power density and efficiency, TopBoost that delivers 600% extra output current, and PowerBoost that provides 150% added output current for five seconds. An IO-Link module will be available at launch with other modules for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP available soon after.

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